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13 Bullet Points from the 2019 ICSC Open Air Summit

1. What's the future of Mixed-Use? Suburban Mixed-Use.

2. "Experiential" has new buzzword friends: "differentiated" and "friction-less." All are real and required for successful retail (and real estate).

3. "Every Shopping Center parking lot, roof and vestibule is waiting to be activated" with technology, marketing, experience.

4. Coworking spaces succeed in quality suburban retail projects (Industrious).

5. Retailers Partnering with each other: Kroger/Walgreen's, Stores within a Store; Pop-Ups.

6. Developers Partnering with each other: in the Age of Mixed-Use, they’re master planners for projects and partnerships.

7. Retailers and Landlords work more closely together in the age of Amazon.

8. Parking will evolve. Parking conflicts being re-thought; requirements will come down.

9. What do some retailers want from Landlords? Remove the gap between leasing and property management to execute more quickly.

10. Established retail giants are now cutting edge: 84.51 is Kroger's own Data Science Company. Kroger is one of many retailers that have undergone a massive evolution.

11. Social Proof Required = Online Reviews. For Brick and Mortar, that means Digital Fact Tags; look for them everywhere soon.

12. Austin Mayor Chief of Staff Lesley Varghese, and Journalist/Author Kara Swisher both have serious game.

Thank you Scott Carr, Brian Finnegan, Daniel Taub and the rest of the ICSC OAC Committee for executing a great event in Austin.

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